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Sunny day for cutting wood

Discussion in 'Other Toys and Hobbies' started by KAJD23, Mar 5, 2017.

  1. KAJD23

    KAJD23 Well-Known Member

    With the sunny weather outside today figured I better stock up for next season. I did say sunny but not warm. Lol The old JD saw got a work out. 20170305_161457.jpg
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  2. KAJD23

    KAJD23 Well-Known Member

  3. Chaser

    Chaser Well-Known Member

    thats cool, how old is that saw? we did the oposite and burnt all the sticks and branches that fell in the yard over winter.
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  4. KAJD23

    KAJD23 Well-Known Member

    I believe the saw is from the 80's I'm not 100% on that but it was my grandfather's. The JD saws at the time were the same as Echos
  5. Kster526

    Kster526 Well-Known Member

    Oley, Pa
    Should have known you'd also have a JD saw . Does Granpop know you have it??? Not like him to sell anything!!
    Have to say that's the first one I've seen;)
  6. KAJD23

    KAJD23 Well-Known Member

    Yeah he knows I have it. He gave up burning wood years ago.