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Here is a cross-reference chart for competitive spark plugs and John Deere parts listings:

Champion:          John Deere:                                     Champion:                   John Deere:

A25B                     508R                                                RCJ8                             M71939

A6                          TY26724                                         RCJ8Y                           TY6081

CJ14                       AM101194                                     RD16                              GA11417

CJ14                       TY6080                                          RG4HC                           TY26723

CJ6                         GA10075                                       RH10C                            AM37129

CJ7Y                       AM54611                                       RH18Y                            TY6082

CJ8                         AM54450                                       RJ12C                             AM39011

CJ8                         TY6123                                          RJ17LM                          AM37145

CJ8Y                       TY26708                                        RJ19LM                          TY26715

CJ8Y                        TY6079                                         RJ19LM                          TY6129

D14                           AA4053R                                      RJ8C                              AM37246

D16                           AA4369R                                      RL4J                              TY26710

D21                           TY6040                                         RL86C                            No Longer Available

D23                           AA5593R                                      RL95YC                          TY6122

D9                             AR26544                                       RN11YC                         M802138

F121501                   TY4589                                         RN11YC4                        TY21719

H10C                        AM514T                                        RN14MC5                        TY26704

H12A                        No Longer Available                   RN16Y                              M805853

J12YC                      TY6039                                         RN2C                                TY26717

J8                             AP19170                                       RN3C                                TY26716

L15Y                        ET12355                                        RN4C                                PT21132

L86C                        AM37234                                       RN57YCC                         TY26720

N11YC                     AT21343                                        RN5C                                GA11342

N12YC                     AM36791                                       RN9YC                              MG508171

N5C                         AT21177                                        RS14YC                            AM132420

RA6Y                      TY26721                                         RV12C                              AH80481

RA8Y                      TY26722                                         RV12YC                            AE38392

RBL11Y                  AE38392                                         RV15YC4                          AM38027

RC12YC                 M78543                                           RZ7C                                TY26707

RC12YC                 TY26709                                         UD16                                 No Longer Available

RC12YC-CS1         M143270                                         W14                                  AL2005T

RC14YC                 TY26709                                         W18                                  AC600R

RCJ6Y                    TY26705                                         Z9Y                                  TY26711

RCJ7Y                    TY6062

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Bosch:                               John Deere:

FR8DC                               TY26709

H6DC                                 AM132420

USR7AC                            TY26706

USR7AC                            TY26713

W8LCR                              TY26704

WR10A                              TY6126

WR3CC                             TY26717

WR4CC                             TY26716

WR5A                                TY26710

WR8DC                             M802138

WS7F                                TY26705

WS8E                                AM54450

WS8E                               M71939

X4CS                                TY26724

XR7LDC                           TY26722
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Autolite:                            John Deere:

64                                      TY21719

64                                      TY26704

65                                      M802138

67                                      M805853

103                                    AM132420

245                                    M71939

245                                    TY6129

258                                    AM101194

402                                    TY26716

517                                    ET12355

2755                                  TY26724

2976                                  TY26705

3684                                  TY26710

3702                                  TY26717

3924                                  M78543

3924                                  TY26709

4194                                  TY26711
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AC:                     John Deere:

R44T                   AH80481

R43T                   AH84603

Denso:               John Deere:

W20ETR-S         MG508171

W20FS-U           AM37234

W20MP-U          TY6079

W20MR-U          TY6129

W20M-U             AM54450

W22MP-U          AM54611
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NGK:                              John Deere:

B6HS                              AM37234

BKR5E                           TY26709

BM6A                             AM54450

BM6A                             TY6123

BMR2A-10                      AM122402

BMR4A                           AM101194

BMR6A                           M71939

BMR6A                           TY6129

BP4HS                            ET12355

BPM7A                           AM54611

BPM8Y                           TY26708

BPMR6A                         M77742

BPMR7A                         TY26705

BPR4ES                          M805853

BPR4HS                          TY6122

BPR5EFS                        AM132420

BPR5ES                          M802138

BPR9ES                          TY26720

BR2LM                            TY26715

BR4HS                            TY6126

BR7HS                            TY26710

BR8ES                             TY26716

BR9ES                             TY26717

BR9ES (SOLID)               TY26718

BR9EYA                           TY26719

CMR4H                             TY26706

CMR5H                             TY26713

CMR6H                             TY26707

CMR7A                             TY26712

CMR7H                             TY26714

CR5HSB                           TY26711

CR9E                                TY26723

D8EA                                TY26724

DPR7EA-9                        TY26722

DPR8EA-9                        TY26721

TR5                                   AM132420

ZGR5A                              TY26704
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