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I procured this from my Uncle who retired from his building business. JD 480 forklift has been sitting idle a number of years, long enough that the forks were covered by 4 inches of sod. After replacing both steering tires, and field surgery on the fuel system, I coaxed it back to life. Gas engine, side shift on lift, reverser, 21 ft lift height, and 5000 lb capacity. From what I've read it is based on the JD 400 Industrial Tractor which was derived from the JD 2020 Farm Tractor. It needs lots of TLC, and a thorough De-rigging. As I said I don't really need it, but thought it may be handy to have around. My mind now wanders to various visions of boom attachments, trailer hitches, and a man lift cage for it. Restoration and put a couch on forks for parades ?? For what its worth.... J.


1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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