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Snow plow oops

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So before thanksgiving I decided to make my 42" plow into a 54" by welding pieces of an old snow plow to it. Great idea much faster to clear the driveway an when angled it really clears the rear tires. However I never added reinforcements to the additions an tonight while cleaning the drive before we get hit tonight an bent a corner an had to get the splitting maul out the make it some what straight again. 
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Lucky you did not have a cab on it. Not that I am speaking from past experiences or anything but when the blade catches an edge in a 318 with a cab there is not a lot of room and face plants really wake you up. 

Glad you got here fixed up. Sounds like the welds held ok.
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the welds held up fine but now both sides of the blade are a little messed up oh well this summer ill be reinforcing the ends as well as building a new scrapper edge for it.
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