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Picked up an Allied Attachment yesterday

Discussion in 'JD Garden Tractor Attachments Forum' started by ckjakline, Jun 19, 2017.

  1. ckjakline

    ckjakline Well-Known Member

    Brousing Craig's list friday night and found a Hudson Suburban power sprayer. This particular model is called the Trail-n-spray.Not really a John Deere attachment,but i Know a lot of GT companies also sold allied attachments.Not actually sure if JD sold these or not.I know Massey,and Allis used these. I'm sure others did also. Literature is hard to find on these sprayers. I went and picked it up yesterday morning.

    IMG_1288.JPG IMG_1289.JPG IMG_1290.JPG IMG_1291.JPG
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  2. Chaser

    Chaser Well-Known Member

    That's pretty cool, do you know how old it is?
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  3. ckjakline

    ckjakline Well-Known Member

    some where in the 60's or early 70's. Didn't get to look into it yet.
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