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Bought this deck (pretty cheap) this winter. PO used it on his 317, said he had 3-4 seasons on new spindle bearings and a couple pulleys and 1 season on the blades. Mule and belt covers not pictured. The mule needs some attention.
Yellow Gas Metal Automotive lighting Fashion accessory

removed everything,
Yellow Snout Working animal Font Artifact
Grey Snout Art Artifact Circle

and spent 2 hrs with a twisted wire cup and angle grinder cleaning the under side. (forgot to take pic) Then primed and put 2 coats of graphite paint on it.
Wood Automotive tire Tool Bumper Font
Bicycle part Auto part Composite material Metal Bumper
Automotive tire Tin Tire Liquid Automotive design

Also striped the top side and primed.
Hood Automotive tire Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Bumper
Rim Bicycle part Automotive lighting Nickel Wood

The deck has some pitting but should work fine mowing out back around my pines.
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