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If this is the wrong section, let me know. I just figured I’d make a thread where I can dump some pictures and stories about my 110’s. I’ve been using them almost daily, not needing to but just getting them moving and being somewhat productive. My kids love driving the manual lift one around. I’ve added a block to the brake pedal so they can reach it and actually stop the tractor if need be. I’m enjoying running the one that my Uncle gave me 22 years ago. Mine needs some more work and I want to clean and install the hydro unit on it and I’ll pick away at it as time allows. That’s why I figured I’d make this thread so I’d have one place to put it all in. Hope you guys enjoy.
These pictures are from today, I’m splitting a couple oak trees that I cut down in my yard that needed to come down anyway. I have an antique coal stove that I heat my house with along with an oil boiler. With oil prices through the roof, I figured I might as well burn this this winter too. I burn coal but the stove can burn either with no changes needed to the stove. Just not very efficient at burning wood since it’s not nearly air tight. Goes through wood fast for sure. ANYWAY…. here’s a few pictures.
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