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Pedal tractors

Discussion in 'JD Toy Forum' started by Brandan Smoker, Aug 8, 2020.

  1. Brandan Smoker

    Brandan Smoker Active Member

    Hello everyone,
    I was just curious if anyone is into collecting vintage pedal tractor’s? I have a few, first is a 1952-1953 “small 60”, someone did an amateur restoration on it years ago. Next is my 1958 130 that we just restored a couple months ago. A 4 hole model 10, and a D65 20.

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  2. ckjakline

    ckjakline Well-Known Member

    i still have my model 20 from when i was a kid. don't have any pictures of it currently
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  3. MiniHomesteader

    MiniHomesteader Active Member

    I’ve thought a lot about picking one up for Mini-me, but heck some of the prices on them you could buy a real tractor:cool:, so I’m gonna just hold off and pick him up a real one before to long. I’m glad he didn’t see them when we were over! They are nice Brandan!
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  4. HD-JD110Fan

    HD-JD110Fan Active Member

    Nice collection Brandon! Brings back memories, I had a small 60 like the one in your photo when I was a kid and about 6 years old. I have an old black & white photo of me sitting on the ground holding the broken axle and rear wheel, the caption for the photo was 'my tractor is all broke'. My dad and his brother had a John Deere dealership back then. I still have the pedal tractor and wagon I got for my two sons for Christmas back in '88 which will hopefully be for a grandson some day. Some nice memories for me and thanks for sharing your photos.
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  5. johndeereelfman

    johndeereelfman Member Staff Member

    Nice collection Brandan. Like Craig, I still have my D65 20 and trailer too down in the basement and still in the condition it was when I stopped riding it. I did buy new replacement tires, a hitch pin, full set of hubcaps, and a set of decals for it though, but just can't bring myself to restoring it as it's in decent shape for it's age. Spent a lot of hours on that tractor. I have a couple other tractors still in the box up on the garage attic but they are only 15-20 years old. The newer stuff I see being offered today are so small and for the money, aren't worth buying as a kid would out grow them within a matter of a few years. Just don't build them like they used to anymore.

    I hope to find a 130 like yours someday. Maybe do it up with 630 decals so it will match my Dad's tractor.
  6. Brandan Smoker

    Brandan Smoker Active Member

    Thanks for the comments guy's! I also have a wide front 4020 that my grandfather bought for me when I was little, and a 1958 Farmall 560 (It is currently in pieces waiting for restoration). My Dad has another D65 20, and also a 1961-1963 3-hole 10.
  7. Kster526

    Kster526 Well-Known Member

    Oley, Pa
  8. Brandan Smoker

    Brandan Smoker Active Member

  9. Andy

    Andy Member

    Nice Brandan! I have never had one or used one. but I'm looking for one to give one of my friends brothers.
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  10. Brandan Smoker

    Brandan Smoker Active Member

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  11. Brandan Smoker

    Brandan Smoker Active Member

    Picked up this 620 pedal tractor this morning. It also came with the original cart.

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  12. ckjakline

    ckjakline Well-Known Member

    Thats an older one. Nice shape
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  13. Chaser

    Chaser Well-Known Member

    Looks like it's in great shape!
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