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http://www.oleyfire5.com/Events/Apple Festival info.htm

Now that the Roots Market Show is done. I wanted to invite you all to a little show we have down in the Oley Valley in October on the 8th and 9th.

It is the 8th year we have done it and it gets a pretty good crowd on Saturday and Sunday with the bands that play in the evening on the stage. Show is free and if you let me know your coming and how much space you'll need I'll do everything I can to have a roped off area for you. You'll need a canopy but all show participants are on the grass areas. Some shade but that's taken up pretty quickly.

The quoit tourney is a big deal and gets alot of entrants so if that's your interest also you may want to call and get yourself in on that. Plenty of food, hand made pies and apple dumplings.

Barrel train and hay rides.

The nearest hotel would be in the Reading area about 1/2 hour away up Rt 73 off off Rt 12 by the Berkshire Mall.

Jerry can answer any of those questions for you. #610-587-4914

Looking forward to seeing you down in the Valley with us if you can .

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