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I’ve spent a few years over at WFM but I’ve recently come across this site scratching my green fever itch when I can’t get out to the shop or have seat time.
My current herd consists of a ‘67 112 that I purchased in 2016 with a 46 deck and a 36 blower. Then I came across a ‘66 110 that I restored myself. Last Christmas my wife bought me a decent shape Hinson cab for keeping me dry and warm while snow blowing. And last summer I picked up a ‘66 60 that I’m in the process of repowering with a Briggs I/C 12 that I’ll use to trim and mow my orchard.
Tire Wheel Sky Plant Tractor
My 112 with homemade Gard-N-Cart
Wheel Tire Tractor Vehicle Automotive tire
My ‘66 110
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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