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Just wanted to say hello and introduce myself to those that might not recognize/know me from the interwebs

Got into lawn and garden hobby by way of Lawnboy mowers, Dad had one when i was helping him mow and thought it was the STUFF cause it was self propelled  LOL  Got one from a junkyard for $10 and I was hooked...............

Couple years later  answered and ad in local trading paper about some lawnboys and he had jd214 there also and was able to pick it up.  That was another dream was to own a jd, now it wasnt pretty(still isnt LOL) but its a hard worker and have upgraded it to hydro lift and rototiller.  Then got a 317 with no engine, after about 18mos found a Magnum 18 in a yardpro tractor and it found its way into the 317.

Since then have gotten 2 more "project" tractors a non running 214/210 and a 317 Series II that smokes like a freight train.  Along with several "parts" tractors.

Anyway, hope to contribute to this site and also learn a lot and ask a lot of questions along the way!!
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