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Hello John Moore in Washington NC. Although I am a Red and Blue man at heart I've always been fascinated by and admired JD LGTs. Back 74 a high school pal's Dad bought a 114(?)and attachments. I was impressed with it plus a little envious. Lol. Then in 77 my Dad bought a new 214 and 39 inch deck. For many years I cut his lawn with it as well as my own lawn. I estimate a good 5 acres between the two. A neighbor sometime around 83 bought a 318. I thought it was the best JD LGT I had seen and wanted one bad. I couldn't get Dad to agree to it. Time goes on and the 214 was replaced in the 90s by a Woods mower. The faithful 214 was stored inside a barn. Fast forward to 05. An aunt passed away and left her estate to my Dad. Guess what was in her garage? A 1990 model 318 with 50 inch deck. Yes I claimed it. We brought it home and I played with it a little before storing it with the 214. End result is now 10 years later, I have renewed my interest in LGTs and have the 214 and the 318 running. A very good friend gave me a 67 112 Tecumseh powered RF, and I located and bagged a 69 Spruce Blue CC 112. So I've got it bad for JD LGT now. Sorry for the long story and rambling, but I can talk about them all day and night. Just can't get enough. Thanks for letting me be a member of this forum. John SoS.

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