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My name is Frank, I live in the Allentown PA area. About a year ago we moved to a larger property that allows for a lot of mowing, gardening as well as grounds keeping, cutting firewood, etc.

Before I moved, we didn't need much of a mower. I would buy used mowers, which would usually wear out by the end of the season. My last mower of this type was a used JD L120. With hills and about 4 acres, the L120's tranny didn't last long.

Last summer, I met an older guy that worked on JD tractors as well as mowers, he had a 212 for sale. I bought it, it's a beast. When I realized that you could purchase these tractors at reasonable prices as well as all the attachments, I was hooked on the 200 series.

The guy I bought the 212 from explained they are basically the same tractor except for the engine, so far I have a 212, 214, 216, with various attachments.

I am looking forward to being part of this forum.


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