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Need some help with the dimension between gauge wheels on a brass tag 38 mower deck

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I've made good progress on my '66 110 RF restoration and I'm also in the process of restoring my 38" brass tag mower deck. I'd really appreciate some help with the measurement across the outside of the rectangular tube brackets that the gauge wheel sliding adjustment brackets fit inside of. A good measurement of the dimension across the outside of the rectangular tubular brackets would be most appreciated since I need to cut off the badly misaligned bracket and re weld it the way Mother Deere intended it to be. I know that this isn't a super critical dimension for me to be too worried about but some previous owner had to weld the assembly back on to the deck and they got it welded on really crooked as you'll be able to see in my attached photo. I picture is worth a thousand words they say and I think I have about a thousand words that I could say to the guy who did this welding job. Mostly the four letter variety such as lazy, dumb, jerk, and a lot of the more common four letter descriptions. :rolleyes: I think the guy could have almost done a better job with his eyes closed, lol. I plan to cut the gauge wheel assembly off and re weld it to the deck accurately with a piece of square tubing cut to length attached between the gauge wheel brackets with a piece of 3/8" all thread. I'll be able to square the ends of the tube up nicely on my milling machine and get the gauge wheel assembly back on where it should be. Thanks in advance for any help with the needed dimension.

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