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The details on that are pretty well done
Yes they are Kyle, however I'm disappointed with one thing on them. The '63 and '64 110 have the three lug axle hubs, which only used three lugs to hold the rear wheels on. If you look closely at John's pictures, you can see that the toy shows five lugs on the wheels which represents the later transmission. Other than that, the details are pretty accurate. 

I would have liked to seen the tractor released with either the narrow wheel package on both front and back, or the wide wheels on both front and back. I really don't like the look of narrow rears and wider fronts. It bugs me to no end!  :(

I also wish John Deere would have continued the precision series. This 110 was the first model, then the 140 set, then the complete patio series. The could have easily made a 120 tractor, since it is virtually the same as the 140, and I think they should have made a 208, a 318, a 332 and a 430 series tractor. A model 60 or 70 lawn tractor wouldn't have been bad either. These were popular tractors and I think it would have been nice to add to the collection.
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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