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My 420U project

Discussion in 'JD Farm Tractor Forum' started by Robert Basselman, Feb 18, 2018.

  1. Just finished my 1958 John Deere 420U restoration. I was able to purchase it last year from a friend. It had been sitting outside in Michigan for over five years. The fuel tank had to be replaced, sediment bowl was molasses, wires were brittle, carb needing rebuilding, transmission was full of water and the pto seals were shot. Cleaned it all up, changed all the fluids, replaced the pto seal and bearings, rewired it, installed new Autolites and a new battery. Opened the fuel valve, let the carburetor fill, pulled the choke, pulled the starter and it fired on the first rotation.
    It's a 420 U with a Wagoner front-end loader. 20170704_141030.jpg 20170704_141030.jpg 20171027_164330.jpg 20171030_130946.jpg
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    that looks pretty cool. Nice job.
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    Oley, Pa
    Nice work
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  4. Thanks
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