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Here is a listing of the registered serial numbers for the model 42 6-way Blades. This will not contain serial numbers for the standard 4-way Blades. These blades were considered useless due to the "pitch" option of the blade, but some collectors, like myself, think these blades are quite desirable and are highly sought after. Nobody seems to know for sure just how many were manufactured, so I think it's important to know just how many are found so that we can try to narrow down an idea as to how many were indeed made. If you have one of these 6-way blades and would like to register it here, please feel free to PM me and I will get your serial number added to the list. Again, will all of our registries, only the serial number and your city and state will be added to the registry. No personal information will be made public.

2701 Lititz, PA
3913 Lititz, PA
4504 Ruckersville, VA
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