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Lift question

Discussion in 'The Toolbox' started by backwoods, Aug 5, 2016.

  1. backwoods

    backwoods Well-Known Member

    Are the lifting mechanisms on a 1972 112 the same as my 1980 212?  The reason being the 112 I'm getting back is electric lift an I'd rather that on the 212 for Avery to plow with if momma is helping her. In case I don't have the 300 done before winter.
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  2. johndeereelfman

    johndeereelfman Member Staff Member

    Sorry Greg, too new of a tractor for me to give advice on. I'm sure Don or Kyle will be able to help you out once they read this. 
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  3. backwoods

    backwoods Well-Known Member

    Ok thanks troy 
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  4. Kster526

    Kster526 Well-Known Member

    Oley, Pa
    Not sure, good question. I'm away with momma and  will look when I get back home. 
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