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I'm brand new here. Great to be here. I live in the Mojave Desert, where most folks have no grass lawn. We do however, often rake or drag our sandy area around the house. Often they use a Garden tractor to pull a drag. Often the drag consists of a metal pallet which they pull behind. A month or so back I was at a swap meet and a guy had a John Deere x300 for sale. It seems it belonged to a man who died. It's a 2014 model year. Kawasaki engine, 18.5 horse. It had no lawnmower on it which was fine with me because I have no lawn. It did have what is called a 40 inch shovel on the front. The man said its battery was shot and couldn't be started until it got one. Part of me said no and part of me said yes. Price was livable so I bought it.
A friend helped me move it on his trailer. Got it home and put a charger on it. About six hours later I tried to start it and lo and behold it leaped to life. The battery is fine. I've run it around the house and given the grand kids rides on it which they love.

I found a metal pallet which seems to work best when right side up. If it's upside down you get too much of a build up of sand and weeds and the 18.5 just can't pull it. Sometimes I imagine 18 horses in harness pulling this pallet and I can't imagine they'd be stopped. Yesterday the engine kept quitting on me when I was releasing the foot brake. There is a little switch under the foot brake arm that seems to be a bit sticky. If I work the foot brake back and forth a bit while releasing it the little switch seems to work and the engine stays going.

I took the 40 inch shovel off. It does not work. Its problem is the Linear actuator. Kaput. A new Linear actuator is about $350 plus shipping plus tax. A whole new shovel complete costs about $1000. All I want is the x300 to pull my drag. I'd put pictures of the Tractor and the shovel up here but I'm not sure how to do it. Thanks for reading, Bob
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