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So I seen an add on Facebook Market Place advertising (2) John Deere 60 Parts lawn tractors for sale and since they are both first year 60's, I decided to pull the trigger and buy them. To my surprise, the seller happened to be fellow member Craig Kline.

The 1966 60 is the only year I didn't have yet to complete the 4 year production set. I picked up the tractors this afternoon and will eventually get around to combining both tractors into one. Here are pictures of my latest investment as I know I can't post a story without posting pictures.



Craig and I decided to make an agreement. From now on, if either one of us has something to sell, we must contact each other first, as it appears that he and I are constantly buying stuff from one another!! 馃榾

I can't wait to get all four 60 tractors together so I can snap a picture of the completed set. Maybe I can get the 11 piece round fender set out and snap a picture of them as well. Just one more set to complete yet and that is the 5 year 70 lawn tractor set. Only two more to go!!
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