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Had one of the 60's out today so I figured I'd snap a few pictures. This one is a 1967 and so far, this is the only cab that I have mounted. Still trying to decide which of my other 60's I should mount the other two cabs on. I'd still like to find a first year 1966 60 which would definitely get a cab, but don't know if I should mount the third cab onto my '68 or '69 60.

The cab itself isn't in too bad of shape except for needing a good steam cleaning, the windshield replaced, and a little stretching of the hood cover so that the headlight opening line up better, but other than that, it's complete. The other two cabs are almost in the same condition with the exception of a few small canvas tears, and all side vinyl windows needing replaced. Still, can't find many of these cabs so I'm very happy with what I have. Now to just find the time to restore this little tractor and the cab.

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