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JD Battery Cover Kit

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by SelectOSpeed, Feb 20, 2016.

  1. SelectOSpeed

    SelectOSpeed Well-Known Member

    Mama Deere has available a neat battery cover kit consisting of plastic cover, J bolts, wing nuts, and such. It also has a round post terminal end that I don't use, but includes the positive terminal plastic cover used on the 200 series and up. The best part is that Mama Deere provides them FREE of charge ! If I get a tractor that is missing its original hold down hardware I use the kit. Evidently there was some Stink in the past about the battery terminals being exposed near the fuel tank so Deere offers it.  For what its worth.....J.



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  2. johndeereelfman

    johndeereelfman Member Staff Member

    You just go in and ask for a kit John? Don't cost anything? Wow, didn't think anything was available for free anymore! 
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  3. SelectOSpeed

    SelectOSpeed Well-Known Member

    I order them online at JD Parts and have them sent to dealer. I assume you could have it sent to your 10-20 also.  J.
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  4. SelectOSpeed

    SelectOSpeed Well-Known Member

    And yes they are FREE !
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  5. backwoods

    backwoods Well-Known Member

    Do you have a link for where your ordering them from? an is there a limit to how many you can get at once?
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  6. backwoods

    backwoods Well-Known Member

    I picked them up on Friday I got two of them since I like the safety feature so the 300 will get one as well as the 110
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  7. SelectOSpeed

    SelectOSpeed Well-Known Member

    A heads up. The 300 I'm guessing uses a larger battery. These kits only fit the smaller "lawn mower" size batteries originally installed in 60 thru 112 and RE riders. I don't know about 140s since I don't have one. Yet.
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  8. jester5900

    jester5900 New Member

    I tried put the part number in that link and it came back with a pto clutch assemblienfor a 208 tractor?
  9. SelectOSpeed

    SelectOSpeed Well-Known Member

    Is Part Number AM38456 as shown in pic 3 in the original post above what you used ? If so JD may have changed it. J.
  10. Kster526

    Kster526 Well-Known Member

    Oley, Pa
    Thanks for sharing John. I have a couple of those but was unaware they were still available and for free yet. Unbelievable. I'll be trying to catch a few asap.Thank you
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  11. jester5900

    jester5900 New Member

    My bad, I put in a 2 instead of a 6.

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