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JD 170

Discussion in 'JD Lawn & Garden Tractor Forum' started by Fanman5050, May 3, 2020.

  1. Fanman5050

    Fanman5050 Member

    Any thoughts on a 170?
  2. Dell

    Dell New Member

    My grandfather bought one new in 1990. I just inherited it and although it shows the signs of 20 years of mowing the Kawasaki FC420V 14HP engine is very impressive and still runs like new. He took very good care of the maintenance.
    It's a smaller basic machine with 38" deck and 5-speed manual trans, which I still like. The small footprint comes in handy for shed storage. If you're striping the lawn, it can be a pain to turn around compared to hydro. Other than replacing battery and ignition switch, I don't think anything else ever broke on this machine and if the Kawasaki is maintained it should be great. Change oil, plugs, fuel filter, clean air filter. I'm not even sure if the carb has ever needed a cleaning!
    I intend to spruce up this tractor and use it as my main mower on my 1/2 acre+ hilly yard. I like the quality of the cut and like I said the Kawasaki runs flawlessly and has impressive rpms at mowing throttle, so it's a reliable machine.
    Not sure if you're looking at one but they are very reasonable.
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