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The last thing really need is more projects, because projects need to be kept somewhere, and thats not easily done anymore.  But i had another tractor placed in my hands for a more than reasonable price. It's gonna be on the back burner for a long time but you have to plans in mind ahead of time. It's a 73 140h1, which is the same year as my h3 so right now, its gonna be a donor tractor for anything my h3 might need. Couple things on this one are less rusty than on my h3 so there will be a little trading here and there.  But we talking about what we were gonna do with the tractor. Get it running and resell, keep it original or restore it. Well after some considerable thought I've come to a decision. Construction yellow. I always thought the tractors deere painted yellow and sold as construction equipment was neat. I think the tractor completely yellow with decals that said either 140C or 140I would look pretty darn sharp. Im usually a purist, if it came green and yellow it stay green and yellow, but once were done with my 140h3, That will be our third tractor we've restored and kept original. So a little bit of a change up is gonna be welcome.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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