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Greg so good to see u here with us again.
I yes also now have a Cub122 and dare I say a Case 224.
But the tru love is and will always be the Green.
They are all fun and make the hobby enjoyable.
Cub was a gift from an elderly neighbor I help cut the grass
and take care of.
The Case was sort of love at first sight and a bit a pestering one of Kyle 2’s customers who is a mutual friend to get.
It was to be the primary snow remover but only got to try it once.

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So i've been fairly busy since last time i was on here well with luck my cub will be mowing the lawn this week , I have a better shape deck for my 110 so my old deck will get turned white an go under averys once I find another draft plate. Her for it loosely bolted together hopefully ill get back on that soon id like to see that done for her. The gravely is almost all rewired for the points motor an that should be alive again by the end of may. oh an also helping 2 friends build pulling tractors 1 is a lgt ford 120 the other is a sears suburban with a kohler that someone put in an never finished so that's almost wired up to run as well. An as always with me more projects are in the works but around the house this year.
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