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Some time ago I bought 2 332 jd garden tractors. One of them has both the tractor serial number and the jd/Yammar engine ID tag. The other one only had the engine ID tag, the tractor ID tag peeled off with the paint from corrosion.

This is the tags off of the one that has both tractor and engine ID tags. It is a 1989 model.


This one has only the Engine ID tag. The engine number is 2424 higher then the first one.


I contacted the John Deere Customer Contact Center After talking to Samantha, giving her my Engine ID number, she was able to back track the tractor and gave me the Product Information Number (PIN) or ID number for this tractor. It's actually a 1990, M00332X011378 332 John Deere. Now I can take that number to my local jd dealer and they can make a replacement ID tag for it.

Here is the info if anyone else needs to do this,

John Deere Customer Contact Center

Turf & Utility Products


Here is the email address to the Customer Care Center -- mailto:[email protected]

So if anyone has a Deere that the paint and ID tag is missing, you can find out what the tractor ID number is by contacting jd. I hope this helps and Good Luck.
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