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Differences between Kohler™s KT17 Series I and II engines.

If the spec numbers sticker is gone, the tag is missing. Here are pictures of the front right corner that will let you see the difference between KT17 Series I and Series II engines. The first picture is of the engine in one of my 317's with some of the sheet metal removed. This first picture of a Series II engine shows at the bottom a trapezoid-shaped blank cover for an optional oil filter port. The raised cover is held in place with 1/4" Socket head screws. If your engine has this blank cover it is a Series II. Also,I have been told, but not seen one personally, that some Series II engines did not have the oil filter option (so NO blank cover). An even better way to tell which engine you have is to look at the shoulder in the top of the picture. This shoulder is part of an internal oil channel. In a Series II the channel drill hole is closed with a threaded Socket head plug (1/16" pipe thread and 5/32" Allen pipe plug in earlier Series II, or 1/8" pipe thread and 3/16" Socket plug in newer Series II). Notice that the plug extends just above the shoulder. 


In this second picture of a Series I engine there is obviously no oil filter port cover. Also notice that the shoulder does not have a raised Socket head plug. The oil channel is closed with a Welch-type plug. It may look like it has an Allen head, but if you clean out the dirt you will see it is round and indented on a Series I engine.


I found the Spec # information. All engines with Spec # of 24,300 or higher are Series 2 engines. It's in the Kohler KT service manual near the front.
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