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So since I’ve purchased the single bottom plow
and want it to fit the three point thought I’d make my own bracket. Mainly cause I’m cheap and it seemed easy enough right.
Spent time laying it out thought I had the angles
worked out. If you look at the picture the foot that
rides on the ground is turned completely the wrong direction. It’s only tack welded in place
so it’ll be coming apart. Guess I did not have it figured out correctly
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Would it help to park the left tires on wood (Stacked 2x4 or 2x6) about 6” high to simulate the right sides being in a furrow? Then you could set it up with the plow bottom flat on the floor?
Also, is your plow frame loosened up from the bottom? Looks like the bottom is not square to the frame.
Just a thought.
To me it looks like the frame arm is bent where the plow bottom arm connects to it.
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