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Help I can't get it down !

Discussion in 'The Toolbox' started by Alan Hill, Feb 3, 2020.

  1. Alan Hill

    Alan Hill New Member

    No it isn't a medical problem.. I was heaving my X320 plow around coz the side pins get stuck.. I suddenly realized I can't lower the plow ! I have got it up on the ramps and loosened the main spring right off ..... No joy... I can pull the foot pedal up a little and latch it but it wont go back down, Been underneath and took this photo...The big black spring goes from one rod to the other and that can't be right... It looks to me like the left hand of the spring should hook into one of the holes in the curved 'horn' to the right of it... Am I right, and if so how do I extend the spring (It is bloody strong) and which of the 3 holes in the 'horn' would it go in ? HELP I am in Wisconsin and this mini-heatwave can't last long... tractor lift problems.jpg
  2. David Hiff

    David Hiff New Member

    might need to physically inquire this one..
    is it stuck in what they call free wheel mode?
    hmm... all i can say is , i fruit mine in a big tub, and i scoop them out from the side with my own fingers, but ye.
    u can get some help from the manuals i suppose.. try reliable-store.. their manuals are pretty technical shixxx, should probably get this on its content.. or u can inbox me, i'll try to further inquire with the hlep of my mechanic bro..

  3. Alan Hill

    Alan Hill New Member

    All is sorted now...seems the mowing height wheel (between the feet) had got kicked and was on the highest setting not the lowest... I didn't even suspect that the mowing height interacted with the snow blower height...lol...
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