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A couple ideas come to mind. Does the product data give any indication of being tintable? I wonder if you could custom mix some with another color to get the shade you鈥檙e looking for? Another idea would be to find a flexible paint that you could cover the entire seat.
Seems as if I remember some type of infomercial about a blended product for patching vinyl that you could tint to match.
Still maintain that it looks 100% better than gray duck tape!

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I had put the last coat on in between wheel barrow filling and
think its done. Not perfect for sure but feels pliable and it is
certainly weatherproof now. Hopefully it lasts more than one time
with me in the saddle. We will know tomorrow as I鈥檒l try to get neighbors yards done early before more rain comes.
With what鈥檚 left I鈥檝e been adding to the 210 seat which had two bad holes
at the normal spots. It has built up nicely but one side is very deep.
Definitely won鈥檛 win any metals at a show but again it is much better than
duct tape goo.

the 314 with its last coat

the 210 seat
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