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flat fender 110-112 pro drive belt

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It all started when i bought a 69 112h with 10 horse tecumseh to mow the yard at my new house until i get the 210 put back together.It was cheap and ready to mow. Started mowing the lawn and 20 minutes into it the head gasket blew. some einstein had the head off and used r.t.v. sealant when they put it back on instead of the actual gasket.So i pulled the mower deck off and put onto my worker 112h with the kohler engine. Now the belt won't get tight enough.

Anyone currently mowing with a flat fender 110 112? I'm trying to. Trying to get the mower deck working on my 112h. i think i figured out all my pulley related issues.i've never mounted a mower deck on this particular tractor. first my idler pulley was wrong . It was replaced at some point with a smaller one. Also the pulley mounts-belt tensioner was bent so the belt wasn't riding tru.Get that all straightened out and this darn belt still won't get tight enough. Even got the belt thru deere so supposedly is to be correct. they have 3 different sizes. The one that i need is the 47043 (79.3"). I was thinking of trying to get an idler slightly larger. Any other input or suggestions out there? Any help would be appreciated.
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