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Deere Downgrades

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In 2020 I bought a 2014 X540 from a used dealer in Essex County, Ontario. I wanted a Husqvarna TS 348XD. From watching a video on that, I learned that I need at least a K66 if I want to push or pull heavy loads, which was a priority for me. But the Husky has a toggle pedal, and I don't think I would like that.

My X540 has a K72, so even better for pushing snow or dirt. And I was told Deere parts are everywhere, and not as expensive or hard to find as Husky or others.

When I was buying this, the dealer told me he would rather have this X540 than a new X590, because Deere downgraded the quality on under carriage parts, and other parts, that the owner would never see, but that mechanics like him have to deal with on a regular basis. And he said landscapers love this machine, and buy it all the time for commercial use. So under the 700 series, which is over my budget, my X540 is probably the best machine I could buy for the money.

From those who know more, I would like to know some details about this quality downgrade. I know that sometimes criticisms like this are meaningless. Like a 'downgrade' from metal to plastic isn't always a downgrade. Some plastic parts could last 20 years, and metal isn't necessary. The Deere plastic shroud is definitely an upgrade from metal.

But on my short list of priorities for a tractor, build quality is probably #1, more than features. The transaxle is very important, but so is the chassis, and all the underbody linkages that can send you back to the shop for an expensive repair bill.

The reason I'm asking about this is that I might like to save up for an upgrade to an X739 in a few years. But if I buy a 2020 X739, am I buying a tractor with overall quality that matches or exceeds my X540?

From what my dealer said, I'm not inclined to ever buy an X590. Sure, the features are nicer, and I might like it better at first, but a downgrade is a downgrade. Build quality is more important.

I like to know what I've got, compared to other tractors, as far as quality is concerned, and I need to know how to navigate my way through updated and better models knowing that I'm not going down on the quality scale with a new purchase. Cost-cutting in the factory design lab is not my friend. Or am I being too picky?
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