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The M00673 46" deck that is on the 212 that I recently purchased is in rough shape. It has at least one 3"-4" hole in the main pan and the deck is cracked at the left front guide wheel mount to the point where I have taken the wheel off for fear that it will get pushed back into a rotating blade.

Looking a the attachment guide that I found in another thread (thank you to the poster!) it appears that there are at least 6 other decks (38" and 46" width) that could be mounted on a 212. Searching online many of the decks that I see on 200 series tractors have any combination of two rear guide wheels, 1, 2 or no front guide wheels and another that appears to have what I would describe as a "skid bar" of sorts on at least one side of the front. The guide wheels on my M00673 deck are mounted on rectangular stock and adjusted with pins. Others appear to be mounted on round stock and are adjusted with spacers.

Does anyone have experience with these "other" style/model decks on 200 series tractors? Anything I should watch out for as I investigate options?

Thank you in advance!

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