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Anyone who desires to post to any of the threads or topics listed on this site, or wishes to reply to any of the posts, please remember a couple of things:

This site is open to the public, and can be viewed by millions of people. Choose your words and expressions wisely before posting, so embarrassment to yourself or others isn't an issue. Sometimes words or phrases are posted, that you or others might take offensive, but in reality, wasn't meant that way at all. Don't be quick to judge others, and be able to overlook or accept criticism.

When posting your ideas or techniques, be understanding that your ways or methods may not be acceptable to most. If someone replies to your post, giving or offering you recommendations or ways of making things simpler, more economical, or less time involved, be open to ideas and don't take the post as a harsh reply. Some ideas may be new for you to try, others may have been already tried. Either way, just accept what was posted, and don't be offensive to the member.

All of us collectors come from different parts of the world. Some members are well off when it comes to bank accounts, others are barely getting by. No matter which type you come from, don't brag that your collection is the best, or think that your collection isn't good enough. Be proud of what you have, no matter how great or small. We are here to enjoy each others collections, and to offer help when someone needs it. We do not discourage, judge, or be self centered towards others. 

Since there will be some Junior Members and Female Members on this site, you will refrain from swearing or sexual remarks when posting. These types of posts will not be tolerated and will be removed. If more than one instance happens, you will receive warning points. Once you receive 3 warning points, the moderators will meet and discuss about your membership being revoked. 

There will be no posting on subjects regarding religion, politics, ethnic groups, races, or individual state governments. These topics are things that are out of our control, and can be very argumentative. This site is geared up for John Deere collectors and is for collectors to enjoy and to find some entertainment. Posting on these topics, will be removed by the moderator team.

While reading a post that you enjoy, remember to use the "Liked" button on the bottom right corner of their post, as a way of letting the poster know that he was appreciated for sharing. Although not mandatory, giving the poster a "liked" helps to build encouragement or self confidence for posting again.

All done, that's it. Now go and enjoy the topics, and make new friends! 
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