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Pop had a call from a friend that he had two green tractors on way to the scrap yard. Pop went and bought both. Pop kept a what I think was a1972 112 and this 214 with yes with a tiller
The 214 is now in my possession and he still
has the 112 but someone changed hood to a 110
The 112 is already running and he cut the grass with it . This ole gal he had running and she smoked badly but shut off and as not run since.
It鈥檚 missing the side covers , grill and headlight lens but think this will be replacing the 210 after the winter. Think it鈥檒l sit in storage for winter until I bring her home. Oh and yes this one has the custom extended lift handle option!!!!!!!馃槀
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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