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I have loved my JD L118 for many years now. I've had it since it was brand new. It only has about gentle 250 hours on it. Two weeks ago was I pulling around a small portable sprayer, with vegetation eliminator in it, over a vacant lot near my house, to kill out the weeds, and keep them down, just as I had done about this time last year as well. But this time, about a quarter of the vacant lot had some 2 to 3 feet high wispy field grass in it. The JD - L118 worked perfect through the entire application. I blew off the mower's outside with a blower, and then put it away in the garage.

But this week when I took it out to mow, and for some reason, this JD - L118, would only crawl in forward or in reverse, at an EXTREMELY SLOW speed. It didn't matter what the speed of the engine was running at, or revved up to, it would only crawl forward very very slowly. After about a minute I started smelling something, kind of like rubber burning, and I then began to hear some kind of a low methodical rumbling or grinding type of noise. I looked all over it and under it, in an attempt to to try and see what the problem might be, but I could see nothing. So I immediately turned it off, and pushed back into the garage.

I'm wondering if this EXTREMELY SLOW SPEED might somehow be related to driving through the weeds and thinly growing tall grasses, the week before. The weight of the sprayer was minimal, and it was only filled with about 4 or 5 gallons of liquid.

Any ideas about this would be extremely appreciated, and all very helpful! Thank you for your time, in advance, for reading about, and sharing your thoughts, about my first time "SLOW SPEED" predicament!

Best always!
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