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Over the years I've seen countless vintage various machinery converted to 12 volt. I always ask why and get the same old worn out answer. "Because it won't start on 6 volts". Well why not ?? Engines and vehicles have started on 6 volts for nearly 100 years. Yes !! Ford Model Ts beginning in 1917 offered as an option a 6 volt starter. I believe Cadillac even predated it. I'll tell you why they will not start now. Dragging starters, poor grounds and circuitry, cables too small, (6 volt systems require a minimum of 4 gauge and 2 gauge cables are even better. 12 volt systems can use a 8 gauge cable and get away with it, but not a 6 volt application). Many tractors are painstakingly restored and painted so pretty and thick, then the starter, generator, wiring, and Battery Cables are installed on top of this nice shiny THICK paint that acts as a super insulator. Not to mention the flywheel housing or engine block to which mounts the starter that remains out of mind as a grounding point. How about the starter and generator? Do they look as good inside as they do outside? 9 times out of 10 in restorations both are neglected internally and those new pistons, rings, and valve job has brought back compression, coupled with inadequacies in wiring causing the 6 volt system to be not enough. So the voltage is doubled, a alternator hung on the engine that usually shakes and shimmies like Charo, and its fixed. So much for originality. Offer me a 12 volt conversion and you just as soon spit in my face.  I told you this would be a possible rant.   So if you are still reading this the point is on any machinery, 6 or 12 volt, pay just as much attention, be just as meticulous, on EVERY connection, terminal, mounting surface, and internal workings of S&G systems as you are on paint and decals. Fast spinning starter, charging generator, and bright lights will be your reward.  That is all.  (For now).  J.
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