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I'm sitting here tonight making out a list for my 2022 goals, and got to wondering who else does the same thing? I don't normally make a list like this, but I want to hold myself accountable so putting everything down on paper and sticking it to the fridge should help.

I have some miscellaneous odds and ends around the house to do for my wife such as refinishing the staircase treads and finishing the last gate for the puppy fence, but my major goals are to do three restorations next year. One will be the continuation of the Brady 110, another to be the first year 1966 60 lawn tractor that I purchased this year, and the third one will be the '63 110 that Dad and I went to Missouri to buy.

What's your plans for 2022? Don't forget to post your restorations if any of you guys are venturing into one!

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Besides finding someone to put the addition on our house, my 鈥済reen goals鈥 are to disassemble my 66 60 for some fine tuning and fresh paint, and building the sides and roof for my mini wagon trac vac material collection unit. The plan is to replicate a 112 chuck wagon.
Tire Wheel Sky Ecoregion Motor vehicle

I also need to finish pulling the engine out of my 67 112 to finally seal up the oil leak so I can use it again.

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I never make goals like this it tends to disappoint me when I realize how much I have not accomplished.
Would like to enjoy life as much as possible. Be a better husband and person the bad me tends to show up way to often and I am way to old to have him show up at the wrong time and regret my actions.
Wife is looking at new kitchen told her to get what she wants. I will be cabinet remover, plumber and electrician. A contractor will be doing the installation
As for the green, enjoying time with some very good friends at shows would be the best thing along with
an engine rebuild and possibly a repaint on the 314, get the 214 with the tiller on I got from pop late last year running and maybe give it a refresh also.

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I don鈥檛 necessarily write down goals but more of a 鈥渢o do鈥 list. Things that I would like to do over the next say 4-6 weeks, or sometimes a week or two. I guess it鈥檚 all in the way that you look at it. My list could be short term goals. 馃
I mainly write them down so that I don鈥檛 forget. 馃槈
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