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On the front tires, there is a spring washer on the inside of the rim/axle, then a regular one on the outside of the rim, then there is a cap with a bolt through it. If the tires spin fine, is there any reason to replace the wheel bearings now? PN: AM102605 shows $50 for a four pack... I am having new front tires put on($80 out the door). Also, are there any tips to clean up the axle? I found out the wavy washer is the "Spring Washer"? Does that flatten over time and need to be replaced? Almost $40 for two??? Regular washer is $15-$22 each. I found a diagram in the PDF, "SM2101 (Jan-74).pdf", on page 228 of 232. http://www.wfmfiles.com/download/manuals/SM2101 (Jan-74).pdf
The weingartz.com parts diagram has also been helpful!!


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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