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1967 JD 110 Round fender

Discussion in 'JD Lawn & Garden Tractor Forum' started by RobM, Jul 21, 2020.

  1. RobM

    RobM New Member

    Hi all,

    New guy to the forum!

    I just bought a 1967 jd 110 round fender. The sales pitch from the previous owner said it ran and drove. When I showed up it failed to start. I paid him what he was asking (even though it didn't start). I didn't even try to negotiate a lower price. I got it home and went to work troubleshooting. The previous owner made a mess of the wiring. I think I have that figured out (i hope). I had it running the next day after breaking down the carb and soaking it in diesel fuel and cleaning it.

    My question is: I have the kohler 181, the dipstick doesn't fit very tight.... in other words: it blew oil all over my ceiling. I looked online for a different dipstick. The one thats in there is 6 1/8" long shaft only. With number 232657 stamped on the shaft. All the stuff I see online is talking about a tube and a dipstick. Do I have the wrong one? Can anyone provide a part number?
  2. MiniHomesteader

    MiniHomesteader Member

    The Kohler K181 in the round fenders just used a dipstick. Here is a picture of one I found online.
    Here is a picture of my ‘66 110.
    Yes, I “straightened” mine before I knew they were supposed to be bent like that.

    Does yours have the rubber seal in it?

  3. RobM

    RobM New Member

    Yes, it has what was once a rubber seal.

    Nice tractor. I hope mine looks like that someday!
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  4. ckjakline

    ckjakline Well-Known Member

    I've heard that people are using o-rings so the dipstick doesn't jump any more.