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So with only 1,000 1966 112's being produced, I thought I'd compose a list of the ones that are registered through another website, however these are now in numerical order as per the actual serial numbers. I decided to keep the owners names out of the list, but elected to keep the town and state of each owner, just so we can compare to see where most of these 112's are being found. I realize most of the tractors now days are being bought on eBay or Craigslist, and then relocated to another State, so keeping a log of where these tractors are being found the most, will be virtually impossible, but at least we'll be able to see just how many tractors are still out there to find. We will also be able to keep a log of how many Hydraulic Lift units were produced, compared to the standard Manual Lift units. 

Code & Serial Number:                     Lift Option:                                Town & State:

SNT2314 - 002565                             Manual Lift                                  Denton, MD

SNT2314 - 002568                             Manual Lift                                  Beloit, WI

SNT2314 - 002569                             Manual Lift                                  Mendon, IL

SNT2314 - 002587                             Manual Lift                                  White Hall, MD

SNT2314 - 002605                             Manual Lift                                  Whitney Point, NY

SNT2314 - 002621                             Manual Lift                                  Brunswick, MD

SNT2314 - 002628                             Manual Lift                                  Galesburg, IL

SNT2314 - 002650                             Manual Lift                                  West Milford, NJ

SNT2314 - 002662                             Manual Lift                                  Quarryville, PA

SNT2314 - 002676                             Manual Lift                                  Cincinnati, OH

SNT2314 - 002690                             Manual Lift                                  Christiana, TN

SNT2314 - 002719                             Manual Lift                                  Whitney Point, NY

SNT2314 - 002725                             Manual Lift                                  Coatesville, PA

SNT2316 - 002752                             Hydraulic Lift                              Shabbona, IL

SNT2316 - 002754                             Hydraulic Lift                              Somonauk, IL

SNT2316 - 002756                             Hydraulic Lift                              Dyersville, IA

SNT2316 - 002759                             Hydraulic Lift                              Lamonte, MO

SNT2316 - 002763                             Hydraulic Lift                              Alloway, NJ

SNT2317 - 002768                             Hydraulic Lift                              New York, NY

SNT2316 - 002796                             Hydraulic Lift                              Walton, ON

SNT2316 - 002802                             Hydraulic Lift                              Lititz, PA

SNT2316 - 002813                             Hydraulic Lift                              Christiana, TN

SNT2316 - 002837                             Hydraulic Lift                              Mendon, IL

SNT2316 - 002845                             Hydraulic Lift                              Galesburg, IL

SNT2314 - 002885                             Manual Lift                                  Boyertown, PA

SNT2314 - 002900                             Manual Lift                                  Fombell, PA

SNT2314 - 002906                             Manual Lift                                  Monroeville, NJ

SNT2314 - 002909                             Manual Lift                                  Latrobe, PA

SNT2314 - 002928                             Manual Lift                                  Quarryville, PA

SNT2314 - 002931                             Manual Lift                                  Fairview, PA

SNT2314 - 002933                             Manual Lift                                  Wheatfield, NY

SNT2314 - 002998                             Manual Lift                                  Fulton, MI 

SNT2314 - 003031                             Manual Lift                                  Central, MN

SNT2314 - 003050                             Manual Lift                                  Galesburg, IL

SNT2314 - 003052                             Manual Lift                                   Lansing, KS

SNT2314 - 003057                             Manual Lift                                   Quarryville, PA

SNT2314 - 003058                             Manual Lift                                   Harrisburg, PA

SNT2314 - 003066                             Manual Lift                                   Leitchfield, KY

SNT2314 - 003075                             Manual Lift                                   Desloge, MO

SNT2314 - 003080                             Manual Lift                                   Montour, IA

SNT2314 - 003088                             Manual Lift                                   Springville, IA

SNT2314 - 003089                             Manual Lift                                   Quarryville, PA

SNT2314 - 003100                             Manual Lift                                   Rock Island, IL

SNT2314 - 003108                             Manual Lift                                   Galesburg, IL

SNT2314 - 003126                             Manual Lift                                   Christiana, TN

SNT2314 - 003134                             Manual Lift                                   New Bavaria, OH

SNT2314 - 003139                             Manual Lift                                   West Milford, NJ

SNT2314 - 003164                             Manual Lift                                   Ypsilanti, MI

SNT2314 - 003165                             Manual Lift                                   Rogers, AR

SNT2314 - 003185                             Manual Lift                                   Long Island, NY

SNT2314 - 003211                             Manual Lift                                   Galesburg, IL

SNT2314 - 003216                             Manual Lift                                   Camby, IN

SNT2314 - 003220                             Manual Lift                                   Christiana, TN

SNT2314 - 003236                             Manual Lift                                   Etna Green, IN

SNT2314 - 003265                             Manual Lift                                   Rehobeth, AL

SNT2314 - 003291                             Manual Lift                                   Savage, MN

SNT2314 - 003305                             Manual Lift                                    Lititz, PA

SNT2314 - 003341                             Manual Lift                                    Rock Island, IL

SNT2314 - 003344                             Manual Lift                                    Muskego, WI

SNT2316 - 003377                             Hydraulic Lift                                Huntingdon, PA

SNT2316 - 003399                             Hydraulic Lift                                Winapege, MB

SNT2316 - 003406                             Hydraulic Lift                                Rock Island, IL

SNT2316 - 003407                             Hydraulic Lift                                Oak Hill, OH

SNT2316 - 003409                             Hydraulic Lift                                North Manchester, IN

SNT2316 - 003412                             Hydraulic Lift                                Kiron, IA

SNT2316 - 003421                             Hydraulic Lift                                Rock Island, IL

SNT2316 - 003440                             Hydraulic Lift                                New Freedom, PA

SNT2316 - 003457                             Hydraulic Lift                                Shoshoni, WY

SNT2316 - 003471                             Hydraulic Lift                                Rainier, OR

SNT2316 - 003485                             Hydraulic Lift                                Quarryville, PA

SNT2316 - 003490                             Hydraulic Lift                                Blaine, WA

SNT2316 - 003492                             Hydraulic Lift                                Gaston, OR

SNT2316 - 003504                             Hydraulic Lift                                Oak Hill, OH

SNT2316 - 003510                             Hydraulic Lift                                         (?)

SNT2316 - 003518                             Hydraulic Lift                                 Brucefield, ON

SNT2316 - 003535                             Hydraulic Lift                                 Yorktown, IN

SNT2316 - 003550                             Hydraulic Lift                                 Slinger, WI

Since the serial number range of the 1966 112's were from 2,550 through 3,550, you can see that there are a lot of tractors out there to find yet. From the above list of registered tractors, here are a couple more facts:

1. Out of 1,000 units produced, there are currently only 74 tractors registered.

2. There are currently 29 tractors registered with Hydraulic Lift options, and 45 are registered with standard Manual Lift.

3. The breakdown per states, is as follows:

(13) Illinois                   (10) Pennsylvania                      (5) New York                 (5) Iowa

(5) New Jersey             (4) Ohio                                     (4) Tennessee              (4) Indiana 

(3) Maryland                 (3) Wisconsin                            (3) Oregon                    (3) Canada

(2) Michigan                 (2) Minnesota                            (2) Missouri                   (1) Washington 

(1) Alabama                  (1) Kansas                                (1) Arizona                    (1) Kentucky 

And (1) unknown location. 

4.The Code counts for the above registered tractors, are broken down as follows: 

(45) 314 = 112 Manual Lift with Series GT-3 Tire Package

(0) 315 = 112 Manual Lift with Series GT-4 Tire Package

(28) 316 = 112 Hydraulic Lift with Series GT-3 Tire Package

(1) 317 = 112 Hydraulic Lift with Series GT-4 Tire Package

*I find it interesting that out of all 74 tractors registered, there is only (1) tractor that has the 317 type code, and none for the 315 type code. 

If you are willing to share your information, and would like to register your 1966 112 on our list, please feel free to do so, by sending me a Private Message through my Profile Page. Your information will be kept confidential, and the only information that we would share on the site, would be only the information of the tractor as well as your town and state. 

Hopefully by keeping a record of all of these tractors, and keeping it current and up to date, we can better understand just how many of these models had Hydraulic Lift compared to Manual Lift, and how many had the GT-3 Tire Package and how many had the GT-4 Tire Package. 

GT-3 = 16x6.50-8 High Floatation Fronts / 23x8.50-12 High Floatation Rears

GT-4 = 4.80/4.00-8 Studded Fronts / 23x8.50-12 Traction Rears

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You would be correct about the Lititz and Boyertown owners Kyle! as for a registry for the '67 112's, I'll see what I can do. I'm currently working on three other registries right now, one of which I think will interest you very much. 

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According to the thread on the introduction of the 112 they didn't make any GT-4 with manual lift

"4. GT-3 tire series 112 tractors will be available with manual or hydraulic lift, factory options only. GT-4 tire series 112 tractors will be available with hydraulic lift only."

At least that's what I get out of it but it's possible I'm interpreting it wrong.

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New member, first post-

When my grandfather retired and sold his farm, my father purchased his old lawn tractor and continued using it to mow our yard for several years. I believe some kind of electrical issue developed and it has been parked in the shed for the past 15 years. I took notice of it last summer when I was visiting my parent's house and snapped these pictures.

It's definitely the round fender Model 112 (1966-67), and I would suspect the s/n lands it as 1967. As far as I know, it's entire life has been spent in Iowa.

Can anyone confirm if SM2059 would be the correct service manual?



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May I ask were you are from. Had some friends I’ve lost touch with had the same last name and it just seems like a coincidence. I see the Iowa on there was just checking

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No Kyle. I had a guy contact me that I met at the Lebanon Show, and requested his tractor be added to the list. I think he'll be joining us here soon, in which he has a wealth of knowledge.
Looking for help with wiring on what I believe to be about a 1966 john deere 112. Don't know how to work this site.
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