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It's a 1964. A nice one at that, however the lift handle looks a little bent, and non-original. 

How can I tell what year it is? If you look at the rear wheels, you'll see that there are only 3 lug bolts in lieu of 5, so that narrows it down to either a 1963 or 1964 model 110, as they were the only two years that had 3-speed transmissions. From there, we look at the lift handle for the mower deck. The handle would be short and mounted high on the console for a 1963, however for a 1964, the handle is longer and mounted lower on the console. Although the lift handle isn't original, it is pretty close to how the handle would look like on a 1964, just not bent that bad! 

Tractor even has the original tires on it. Pretty cool, and Thanks for sharing John!  ;)
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