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snow blade

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    Thrilled with how my 212 has done with both storms here in SE PA this week. Pushed everything back a bit yesterday which worked out well as we ended up with about 8 inches today. Piles are higher than the hood!
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    Went to Indiana today and picked up my new project. A model 42 plow for my 110. When we picked it up today it was in one piece, and not a single thing moved on it. But, nothing my Dad and I couldn't handle...except for the main pivot pin that allows the blade to angle. That thing is STUCK. We...
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    I have been looking for information on this snow blade part number to see what model of lawn tractor it can fit on without modification. ID number is GX018BD043618 46" Snow Blade. any help will be appreciated. If I have posted in the wrong area, my apologies. TB