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  1. JD Lawn & Garden Tractor Forum
    Went to Indiana today and picked up my new project. A model 42 plow for my 110. When we picked it up today it was in one piece, and not a single thing moved on it. But, nothing my Dad and I couldn't handle...except for the main pivot pin that allows the blade to angle. That thing is STUCK. We...
  2. JD Lawn & Garden Tractor Forum
    On the 26th of April, in 1966, John Deere introduced the new 112 lawn and garden tractor. It was basically the same design, styling, and general configuration of the Model 110, however the 112 did incorporate the following changes: 1. 10hp Tecumseh HH100 cast iron engine. 2. Tire equipment...
  3. JD Lawn & Garden Tractor Forum
    John Deere started manufacturing Lawn and Garden tractors in 1963. The 1963 model 110 came standard with a 7hp Kohler K161 engine, a manual three speed transmission consisting of three forward gears, and one reverse gear. The tractor also had fiberglass fenders, a steel tubular front axle, three...
1-3 of 3 Results