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  1. JD Lawn & Garden Tractor Forum
    Hello members, I am new here and just recently joined because I want to restore my 1966 JD 110 that me and my grandpa 2orked on and got running when I was about 14 years old in 1990. He passed in 91 and I have kept it a garage ever since. I could use any knowledge you could pass on. I want to...
  2. JD Lawn & Garden Tractor Forum
    In april of 2012 I found a 140 package deal for my dad.It included 2 68 140s,one was an h-1,the other was an h-3.A snow plow,rototiller,mower deck and a homemade weight box.The h-3 was a running tractor.The h-1 was what he used for parts.The previous owner originally had the h-1.He then found...
1-2 of 2 Results