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  1. JD Lawn & Garden Tractor Forum
    Getting to be that time of year when I think it would be nice to have a bagger on my 212. Does anyone have experience with these setups? Do you need a power flow deck to make them work? Is a tow behind trailer with a separate power unit a better option?
  2. Off Topic Lounge
    Managed to get some seat time Sunday afternoon. I put the blade on the rescue 212 and pushed up 3 large tree stumps worth of grindings/weeds/old flowerbeds and then hauled everything to the back yard to fill in some low spots. Now to find the time to rake it out and seed it. If only I had a...
  3. JD Lawn & Garden Tractor Forum
    Thrilled with how my 212 has done with both storms here in SE PA this week. Pushed everything back a bit yesterday which worked out well as we ended up with about 8 inches today. Piles are higher than the hood!
  4. JD Garden Tractor Attachments Forum
    Decide to pull the deck off the 212 today. Figured out why the deck wasn’t cutting well. The deck belt tensioner is frozen so the belt will slip while spinning the sheave by hand. Guessing all the cuttings under the shield might have something to do with it... Going to see if I can free it up...
1-4 of 4 Results