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    Went to Indiana today and picked up my new project. A model 42 plow for my 110. When we picked it up today it was in one piece, and not a single thing moved on it. But, nothing my Dad and I couldn't handle...except for the main pivot pin that allows the blade to angle. That thing is STUCK. We...
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    Hello members, I am new here and just recently joined because I want to restore my 1966 JD 110 that me and my grandpa 2orked on and got running when I was about 14 years old in 1990. He passed in 91 and I have kept it a garage ever since. I could use any knowledge you could pass on. I want to...
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    John Deere started manufacturing Lawn and Garden tractors in 1963. The 1963 model 110 came standard with a 7hp Kohler K161 engine, a manual three speed transmission consisting of three forward gears, and one reverse gear. The tractor also had fiberglass fenders, a steel tubular front axle, three...
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    Hi all, New member and I wanted to ask about the rarity of some of the other John Deere garden tractors. I have heard the 1963 I think it is John Deere 110 is pretty rare or worth way more than I could afford. Are there any other model John Deere garden tractors that are as rare or close to it?
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    Well i have a secret, i went to an auction. I actually had no intentions of going along, but my sister was going and talked me out of sleeping in on a saturday morning and coming along. I'm glad i did. Because it resulted in me completing my john deere collection (for now.) As we walked to the...
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    The following is the serial number breakdown for the 110 & 112 Round Fender tractors: 1963 110  (2,550 - 3,550) 1964 110  (3,551 - 15,000) 1965 110  (15,001 - 40,000) 1966 110  (40,001 - 65,000) 1967 110  (65,001 - 100,000) 1966 112  (2,550 - 3,550) 1967 112  (3,551 - 100,000) The 1963...
1-9 of 9 Results